43.3/4 Education & Fashion

Published: August 2018

43.3/4 EDUCATION & FASHION is the biggest issue that we've ever published and it is jam-packed with insightful article on the topics of Education, Arts, Fashion and Living the Greener Life. This issue explores the role of 'education', both formalized and otherwise, in fostering conditions that will support a low-carbon economy that aims to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. We also look at the power of art (and the power of artists) to move our souls while re-shaping our perspectives, how the fashion industry is knitting more sustainable business models, and, of course, we include A\J's 19th annual Environmental Education Guide.


Feature articles include:

  • Relearning: Stephen Quilley shares his insights on how to (re)build education for survival of the species and the planet. Smashingly illustrated with the art of Kent Monkman and The Singh Twins.
  • Class Action: Shows how students are collaborating and creating ways to help others and improve our world, in this piece by Melissa Benner and Sarah Bradley.
  • Think Before You Leap: A\J's own Katie Kish shares her insights about education as she introduces the 2018 Environmental Education Guide, which features Exemplary Stories of Innovation and Excellence. 
  • Hopeless, Not Helpless: Even in our bleakest moments, humans can be skillfull, courageous and loving. 
  • Techno Success: John Xu reminds that the evolution of innovation comes through failure.
  • A Stitch In Time: Sabine Weber demonstrates how the textile circular economy is stepping into the limelight.
  • Fibreshed: Sarah Jean Harrison introduces us to a grassroots approach to local textile economy that weaves sustainability into our local backyards.
  • Music Is His Medicine: A\J's own Marcia Ruby and Leah Gerber sit down with Leonard Sumner to discuss his music and to hold a mirror to us when we explore truth and reconciliation together.

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